If your tool isn’t working don’t be afraid to seek professional help

It's a very personal thing. Sadder individuals amongst us will even have a pet name for theirs. They don’t mind shouting about it and showing it off when things are going good. But what happens when you literally can’t cut the mustard anymore?

Many people, men in particular, are reluctant to acknowledge never mind seek help for their problems. Some subjects are just taboo. Most choose to soldier on, blind to the fact that they are causing more damage, making things worse the longer they ignore the issue or try in vain to fix it on their own. They say ignorance is bliss, but in this case, ignoring the problem has been proven to be downright dangerous.

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Symptoms & Side Effects

Side effects include stress, mild Tourette’s, lack of appetite, lowered libido and mild depression. Extreme cases can end up in physical injury including loss of body parts. There are many potential causes. Tiredness, poor technique, overuse, inexperience or simply handling without care (we've all been there!) by the wrong person can all contribute to the problem.

What was a minor issue has snowballed into a catastrophe. You can no longer perform. Worst case scenario, you sit in A & E pleading with the medical staff for news and you will feel stupid and full of regret. Knowing, deep down, that if you had sought the help you needed this could all have been avoided.

You knew all this but chose to look the other way. Now you feel all alone, crying with only your useless tool for company.

It’s a common problem folks, BKS, or Blunt Knife Syndrome, is more prevalent than many believe. It can strike anywhere at anytime. Fortunately professional help is at hand.

Find Professional Help

We came across a professional specialising in the treatment of BKS, lets call him “Russell”, mainly because that is his name.  He has been providing professional Knife Sharpening services throughout London and the South East for over 10 years.

He had this to say:

When we meet new client for the first time there is a common complaint, they have bought a sharpening device which worked quite well in the beginning but in the end did nothing.

There is a reason why we hear this so much, when a knife is brand new the blade is shaped like a V, as time goes by that shape ends up indenting and becomes more of a U shape. You can identify this by looking down the centre of the blade under a good light, where you will no doubt see a pronounced reflection.

At this point you are no longer trying to maintain an edge, you’re tying to build an edge. With a decent knife and sharpening device you can maintain that V shape for a substantial amount of time, but you will reach a time where it’s just not effective.

Now I’m not saying that it’s impossible to rebuild the edge, but I would say that it can be an involved and messy process for the untrained individual. In some cases where we’ve seen people try to do it they’ve scratched, scraped and pitched the blade as they didn’t have a full understanding of what they were doing.

Our advice may seem slightly biased as we sell a professional Knife Sharpening Service, but unless you are a whetstone pro with a lot of time then such a service really is the best option.

If you should choose to seek a Professional Sharpening service then do your research, look for real evidence as to the competence of the Service provider. You can usually find this via review boards, or like in our case a Facebook fan page, where work and reviews are regularly posted.

Knives can be expensive and cherished tools that you don’t want falling into the hands of rogue traders.”

Good luck to you all on your search for sharpness, and please come back to Chef Quick’s blog where we hope to feature more articles in the future.” In the meantime chefs

Keep it real. Keep it sharp. Always have the edge.

By: Russell Kneafsey
Company: Knifeman Direct
Website: www.knifemandirect.com
Tel: 020 7206 2465
Email: Russell@knifemandirect.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/knifemandirect

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If you have any questions for Russell please leave them in the comments section below.

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