Top 10 Things to do with that extra hour today

What would we give most mornings for an extra hour in bed? So why when we are gift wrapped one does it always seem so complicated! Here is a top ten of things you probably did, should have or might do with that extra hour today:

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The Top Ten

  1. Sleeeeeeeep.
  2. Re-check at least 3 different sources to confirm time when you wake, is it really 9am, does that mean 8am, 10am? Repeat step one.
  3. Ask at least one other person  “is that the real time?”
  4. Depending on the technology:
    1. Digital: Go round your house several times checking all your appliances have updated automatically, even though you know in your heart of hearts that your phone is smarter than you.
    2. Analogue: Find the box and instructions first and remember what your supposed to do. Usually involves checking step 2 again!
  5. Curse yourself for thinking that because your alarm clock has a digital display it will grant you that extra hour automatically.
  6. Ponder whether you're eating  late breakfast, early lunch or brunch due to all the confusion. Decide it doesn't really matter as long as it involves bacon.
  7. Try and think of a really good excuse for being late for work today that doesn't involve the clocks going back.
  8. Search google to find out why we do this in the first place!
  9. Read the Chefquick October Newsletter here: Newsletter
  10. Enter our easy competition to win an I.O.Shen Knife here: Competition

Did you do anything silly today you'd like to share? Leave a comment below.


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