How to Post Chef Job Vacancies

Registering as an employer and adding your chef jobs to the site is easy and intuitive. Below is a text and visual guide which takes you throught the process from start to finish with some helpful tips and advice. However, if you get stuck or would like us to take care of posting a chef job for you please email us at and we can take care of it.

This guide will will cover:

  1. How to register as an employer
  2. How to add your chef job vacancies
  3. How to share your chef jobs on social media

How to Register as an Employer

If you click the “register as an employer” button below, the registration page will open in a new tab in your browser. You might find it helpful to click back and forth whilst completing the form.

Register as an Employer now

Below is an annotated screen grab of the employer registration page which details how to complete the process.

how to post chef job vacancies onlineTips and Tricks

  • Username and password: These are the credentials you will need to log in and manage your account. They do not appear on the website so choose something memorable to you. Try and create a strong password by using a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Email address: This is where a confirmation of your account will be sent, and should be the address you would like to be contacted on. You can choose a different email address for applications to be sent to for your chef jobs when you post them on a job by job basis.
  • Company Logo: This will be displayed on you company profile page. Square images work best. The optimal size would be 500px x 500px, but don't worry the system will automatically resize your image. This should be the logo associated with your business which clearly identifies you and your brand, not a picture of your beer garden! A good place to get that would be your website,  Twitter or facebook profile.

Register as an Employer now


best place to post chef jobs uk

How to add your chef job vacancy

Congratulations you are now registered and can start to post chef job vacancies! Below is an annotated screen grab of the “add job” page details and tips on how to complete the process.


post chef Job vacancies stage one with notes

Tips and Tricks

  • Title: The job title should be Chef role – Business name – Location.
  • Description: The content of this is entirely up to you, however, topics you might want to cover as a minimum are:
    • about the business – location, size (covers) style and standard of cooking
    • about the role – duties and responsibilities
    • about the candidate – expectations, experience, qualifications
    • how to apply
  • Company Information: This section will be pre-populated with the details you entered when registering, you can change these if you need to, for example to get applications sent to your dedicated recruitment@emailaddress. For larger business you can change that to a particular venue within your group.
  • How to apply: Let people know how they can apply for your chef job vacancy. Don't forget to ask them to send a covering letter or CV! By default applications will be sent by email to the address you included. If you have an online recruitment site with an application process you need candidates to complete enter the full URL in the “Application URL” box. The “apply now” button will now just say “apply” and when clicked will navigate to the page you entered. Candidates can now complete your own chef recruitment process.

When you have entered all the details correctly press “preview” which will take you to the screen below.

post your chef jobs with chefquick

Tips and Tricks

Check: Read your chef job advert through before you press publish. Have you included all the information you wanted to? Does it read well and convey the right message? Are there any obvious spelling mistakes or omissions? Did you enter the Location details correctly?

Go back and change anything you need by pressing the “edit listing” link and repeat the steps as necessary to get your advert looking just right.

When you are ready hit “Publish Listing” and you will see the success message below.

how to successfully post chef jobs online

As the message says, your listing has been saved and once moderated will be published “live” on the site. We moderate all the job postings on the site. Check your email, we will send you a message once your advert has been authorised and is live on the site. The email will include a link which will take you directly to your live job.

How to share your chef jobs on social media

If you click on the link in the email you will be taken straight to your live chef job advert on the site.

Twitter: In the bottom left hand corner you will find a “Tweet” button. If you are logged into twitter pressing this button will auto-generate a tweet with the link to your chef job. This is set up to mention our account (@chefquick1) and the hashtag #chefjob. We will retweet any mentions we receive and reciprocate any follows.

Facebook and Google Plus: Simply copy and paste the URL from your web browser address bar to post it on facebook and Google Plus.

Tips and Tricks

  • Hashtags: If you know a good hashtag for your area eg. #CheshireHour include it in your tweet
  • Retweets: Don't be shy! Ask your followers to retweet your chef job for you.


Register as an Employer now