Our new membership packages offer great value for chef recruitment

New Chef Recruitment Packages

Sometimes you need more than an advert on your own website, a tweet or a facebook post to attract enough interest in your chef job vacancy. When you think about it, are these really the best ways to advertise for your chef positions?

There is no doubt that social media can amplify the message that you are actively recruiting, that goes without saying. However, consider the thought that most of your website visitors and followers on social media are more interested in the great services you provide rather than your desperate need for a Sous Chef!

Not getting Involved Tarik Browne via Compfight

You might get lucky, one of your biggest fans on facebook might know someone who is a great chef and is currently looking for a new job, and they’ll share your post with them, and they’ll get in touch, and they’ll ask for details and you’ll reply, and they’ll email you their CV, bingo!

They’ll arrive at their interview on a flying pig which they will proceed to slaughter, butcher and then use to cook you the most amazing food you ever tasted, served up with some foraged vegetables they collected on the way.  You may even fall in love and live happily ever after. The end.

Okay, maybe that's over-egging the cake slightly, but If you often enjoy luck like this don’t bother reading on, just email me your lottery numbers and we’ll call it quits!  Most people need a bit more than luck.  We can give your tweets and facebook posts a destination; a link to a webpage where chefs can easily apply for your vacancies. Chef Job adverts that are designed to be found. Our prices start at FREE and you can find out more about our services by clicking here.

Chef Recruitment Deals

To make things even better, for more regular recruiters we have developed a range of membership packages which offer great value for money. Even if you have existing recruitment pages on your own website, or have placed adverts elsewhere, we can still help cast your net further to increase your exposure and help promote your current chef job vacancies. Right now we are offering a massive 50% off our membership deals. Find out more by clicking here.

If you would like to be in with a chance to win a membership package send us a quick email with “Yes Please” in the subject line to admin@chefquick.co.uk

We will announce the winner on Monday 17th March 2014.

All the best, and good luck!



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