My Mobile Sharpening Guy Launched

Historically the mobile Sharpening Industry has always been made up of small operators, some very good but also some tragically bad.

Having someone reputable to entrust your most prized possessions to has traditionally been a bit of a postcode lottery (no, not the one with annoyingly happy winners and the oversized cheques).

Knocks on the back door and word of mouth were how introductions and reputations were made.

Fittingly as we celebrate 25 years of the internet, which has brought many great advances in how we share information and communicate, that may be about to change.

Russell Kneafsey, who has successfully run an established sharpening business for over twelve years, came up with a plan late in 2013.

He wanted to create a branded network of highly skilled and vetted sharpening professionals that would work under one umbrella and offer a recognized consistency to clients.

Two and a half years later My Mobile Sharpening Guy was born. A highly automated platform that delivers fast response quality Sharpening Technicians right to your door.

Russell had this to say :

“Industry tools can be expensive and in one of the worst cases we heard there was a client that had a £1000 Knife collection that was taken away and destroyed, after which he then had to wrestle with the sharpener in order to receive an insulting £100 worth of compensation.”

“My Mobile Sharpening Guy has set out to become the first scalable provider of quality multi industry Mobile Sharpening Technicians, which works to make sure it only ever recruits and sends jobs to approved Sharpening Technicians so customers never have to have that tragic experience.”

“We have created a custom built platform that provides incredibly efficient quoting, bookings and real time job distribution, so both the approved Sharpening Technician and client know where they are. A sharpening service you can trust.”

Sure, you can still google “knife sharpening” and get a whole string of results and spend time going through each one. Before you do that, check out these guys:



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