Gardener upset after chef harvests prize cabbage – BBC News

Agency chef to blame for controversial “Cabbage-gate” incident receives an “earful” from angry gardener…..

 “Cabbage-gate has been a very serious incident here at Ston Easton Park and we are now in the process of implementing special measures to ensure that this never happens again and that Dale's prize vegetables are kept safe and sound.”

Nick Romano, operations director for Ston Easton Park

Image copyright: Dale Toten

Image caption: Dale Toten with his giant cabbage before it was damaged

A gardener is feeling hacked off after part of his giant cabbage was cut from a hotel garden by mistake and cooked by chefs at its restaurant.

Dale Toten spent a year tending his big brassica from seed to nearly 6st (38kg) at Ston Easton Park, near Bath.

Mr Toten, from Radstock, Somerset, who is senior gardener at the four-star country house hotel, said the cabbage had taken a year to reach that size.



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