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“Seasonal, fresh, local and sustainable.”

Buy Local

Buying and using seasonally available produce on your menu has a number of key advantages. Firstly, food that is in season should be at its prime, good ingredients in means good results out. There should also be a price advantage; an abundance of a particular product should keep the price down. Buying produce in season, as close to home as possible has the added benefits of supporting your local economy, celebrating local foods which will add valuable provenance to your menu offer.


Get to know where your meat and vegetables come from. Shout about it on your menu! On top of this, buying local seasonal produce has a massive impact on reducing damage to the environment, reducing carbon emissions involved. The charts below give a concise guide to seasonal produce. Obviously, weather has a massive impact, so speak to your suppliers; they will give you an idea of supply and price nearer the time.

Need a quick, comprehensive guide to what ingredients are in season?

We have got you covered! Download our new Chefs Seasonal Food Charts below.

Save some time when it comes to planning your next menu change. You don't need to trawl the interweb to get the skinny on what's in season. We've done the work for you and summarised it in our stunning, clear and easy to read charts.

Download them to your pc or phone. Save them to your cloud account or print them off to quickly brighten up your office or kitchen!

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