7 Good Reasons to Choose Featured Ads

Our featured adverts are designed to get your chef job vacancies noticed by more potential candidates.

Featured chef job adverts have many advantages over regular adverts so we've highlighted 7 good reasons for you to consider when deciding whether to have your chef job adverts featured.

Reason One

Featured adverts appear first!

Our featured chef job adverts appear highlighted in the top section of the main job board page.

Potential candidates searching online for chef jobs arriving on this page will immediately see our featured vacancies before any other adverts.

Reason Two

When potential candidates search the site, narrowing their parameters to find a job that suits them, featured jobs appear first in the search results too. Featured jobs are listed first whether searching by chef role or by location. If your location is particularly competitive, for example London, then having your job listing featured will give you an advantage.

Reason Three

When a potential candidate clicks through directly to other jobs listed on the board featured jobs will also be “suggested” to them as a related listing at the bottom of the page.

So whether arriving at the job board via a search engine, searching on the site itself or clicking through directly to a link on social media, featured chefs jobs are seen by more potential candidates.

Reason Four

We love social media and will share your featured chef job listing across our Twitter, facebook and Google Plus pages with an image.

We can usually create an image from your existing images on your website, facebook page or Twitter feed without troubling you. Some example images can been seen below.

Reason Five

Sharing a link on Twitter with an image and a hashtag has been proven to drive more engagement.

This includes clicks, re-tweets and favouriting.

All these actions help increase your exposure or “impressions” which means more people will know you are recruiting.


Reason Six

We will share your featured chef job advert across our social media feeds at least once per day for the duration of your advert being live on the site. We will target different time zones across this period we know to be the best time to get exposure for you job vacancy.

Reason Seven

Right now we are giving you the chance to try our featured chef job adverts for only £55 + VAT!

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