Chilli-eating contest leaves man with inch-wide hole in his throat

I'll have the burger with the 2.5cm esophageal rupture followed by the the 23 day hospital stay please…………


An unnamed 47-year-old American man who ate ‘ghost peppers’ as part of a contest. Also known as the Bhut jolokia, a ghost pepper measures 1,000,000 on the Scoville scale, and is 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. For comparison, the more common Jalapeno pepper measures in at just 3500 Scovilles.

The man had eaten the chillis in pureed form, smothered on top of a burger – and, soon after finishing the food,  began to experience violent retching and vomiting, along with severe abdominal and chest pain.

He was taken to hospital and, as medics investigated the cause of the pain, they found he was suffering from Boerhaave syndrome, or spontaneous esophageal rupture

“The patient was intubated and taken immediately to the operating room,” the journal reports, “where he was noted to have a 2.5-cm tear in the distal esophagus, with a mediastinal fluid collection including food debris, as well as a left-sided pneumothorax.




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