Why Chefs Love Pop-up Food Festivals Even More Than the Guests

On Friday January 20, the multi-Michelin starred British chef Michael Wignall cooked a seven-course tasting menu for about 110 folks at Obsession 17, the gastronomic festival dedicated to culinary excellence held annually at the Michelin-starred Northcote hotel and restaurant in Lancashire, England. The dinner, which included dishes such as torched eel, rillette and consommé, with Granny Smith apple, aerated white chocolate and Oscietra caviar, was entirely delicious, and ended in the early hours, followed, inevitably, by a session of decompression—i.e. drinks—in the bar. Wignall then grabbed a few hours sleep before catching an early flight from Manchester to Exeter to arrive at his own establishment, Gidleigh Park in Devon, in time to prepare and run the restaurant’s lunch service.

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