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THE PIG is possibly the most talked-about award winning group of hotels to emerge in recent years.

This expanding group consists of four hotels THE PIG, Brockenhurst– THE PIG– in the wall (Southampton) THE PIG– near Bath and THE PIG– on the beach (Studland).


The PIGS are really a ‘restaurants with rooms’ and it’s all about the kitchen garden.

Everything is driven by the gardener, forager and chef – they grow and find the food, the chef then creates the 25-mile menu (what they can't get from their garden and grounds is sourced locally).

Uncomplicated British food, true to the micro seasons and influenced by the forest and coast, with the emphasis on fresh, clean flavours. This immediacy from garden to plate is THE PIG's trademark.

We require chefs who are as passionate about produce as we are and want to become a part of this award winning team.

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