Chef Quick Membership Package Benefits

Company Profile

  • All current company vacancies are listed on your separate profile page
  • Include company information to promote your business as a preferred employer within the industry
  • Inform candidates about your business
  • Provides a destination web link for you to target tweets and Facebook posts and other recruitment activity
  • Used effectively it creates your own career website

Job Listings

  • Search friendly URL’s
  • Open to full page attractive and clear ads
  • Company Logo included as standard
  • Can link direct via URL to your existing recruitment channels
  • Candidates can attach CV and cover letter to apply online
  • Built in Tweet button allows you to share your job listing as often as you like

Value for Money

  • Our prices are extremely competitive benchmarked against the marketplace
  • Membership Packages offer discounts based on volume
  • Savings of up to 70% off our normal published prices are available

Account Management

  • Manage and edit your job listing and profile
  • Job Applications are sent to your email address and saved in the our database for your convenience, where they can be accessed at any time
  • Manage applications to your jobs and send notifications to unsuccessful candidates automatically

Targeted Exposure

  • We only target your ads at chefs actively looking for jobs.
  • We are a chef job only website.
  • When chefs search for jobs online they find us, and your jobs.
  • We will not restrict access to your potential candidates with any need to register with our website or put any other barriers in the way.


  • We aim to respond to any customer request within 24 hrs
  • We are here to help and committed to making your chef job advertising work for you
  • We are flexible and understanding and will work with you to get the most from your membership with us
  • We can offer help and advice from writing your ad copy and management of your account

Social Media

  • Inbuilt tweet button
  • Facebook connection to your page
  • All linked back directly to your advert url or company profile
  • We provide a destination web page for you to direct your tweets and Facebook posts to
  • Promoted hashtag #chefjob which chefs can search via twitter and Google+
  • We network off page with chefs via social media in groups you are unlikely to have direct access to and make sure we are visible

Membership Packages

  • We have 3 packages available which reflect the varying needs of different recruiters.
  • We are extremely flexible and would be happy to discuss and create a bespoke package to reflect your individual requirements. Please get in touch to discuss a bespoke package option.

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    Gold Package
    £260 + VAT per month
    30 Standard Job Ads
    6 Premium Job Ads
    Silver Package
    £190 + VAT per month
    20 Standard Job Ads
    3 Premium Job Ads
    Bronze Package
    £75 + VAT per month
    10 Standard Job Ads

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